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“Maddy Dychtwald did an outstanding presentation. The program was very informative and was delivered in a powerful manner. Her insight and knowledge of the financial services industry provides a perfect ending to motivate the audience in taking advantage of the wonderful market opportunities.”

  • Gordon J. Sprague, Senior Vice President
    AIM Distribution

“Maddy gave more than a presentation. She offered an exceptional degree of intellect, passion and knowledge that was both empowering and contagious. Through various channels and methods, including PowerPoint, video clips, statistics, personal stories and genuine conversation, Maddy truly engaged our female leaders. It is clear that Maddy not only understands the political, business and socioeconomic factors that shape the world for women today, but she has a firm grasp of how those trends will evolve and impact our world in the future – and is ahead of the curve in recognizing them.”

  • Joan Walker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations
    Allstate Insurance Company

“Maddy captured our attention from the start! Her dynamic, information rich and provocative presentation effectively demonstrated that we are all riding a wave that has the potential to propel organizations and individuals to new, exciting ways of working and living — or swamp us with uncertainty. Maddy’s excellent use of multimedia enabled us to hear and see the implications of this wave in our lives.”

  • Matt Kersey, Ph.D., Director, Product Development and Analytical Sciences, Stiefel

“Your entire presentation was spectacular and the clips you wove in were hilarious at times and certainly right on cue for our audience.”

  • Bethany H. Corum, Executive Vice President
    Florida Bankers Association

“You rock! I have heard very few speakers so brilliantly keep an audience focused with a combination of spoken and audio-visual material. I have to tell you I was bowled over. You have a vital message for women – and men – with Influence and you match the vitality of the message with a vibrant delivery.”

  • Jane Glenn Haas, Columnist
    Orange County Register and Founder of WomanSage

“The audience certainly enjoyed the stories you added to personalize the message and the multi-media photos, charts and videos were exactly right to illustrate and affirm your points. Those in attendance were captivated throughout your lecture.”

  • Larry Whiteworth, President
    Washtenaw Community College

“The program was thought provoking, and provided data that was fact driven and brilliantly presented. Interweaving live video clips kept the audience entertained while ingesting a good deal of information. I would highly recommend your presentation to any group, large or small.”

  • Rita Hernandez, Vice President, Property Management
    JMA Ventures, LLC

“Your presentation was a highlight of our meeting. I’ve heard numerous comments regarding the applicability of your message given the current economic times we all face”

  • John D. Patterson, President
    CACUBO Program Committee

“Attendees raved about the great job Maddy did. The material was not just a bunch of theories, but something that could be used immediately. Maddy’s preparation and presentation style were excellent.”

  • Jim Cooper, CHA, Vice President, Education & Training
    Choice Hotels

“Maddy was fantastic. Her personal, interactive, and multi-media presentation style was an excellent role model for all speakers in this edu-tainment age. Her presentation injected new, powerful and provocative marketing paradigms into our business and inspired us greatly in our innovation drive.”

  • Nira Jang, USA Trends
    Coca-Cola USA

“I wanted to thank you again for helping to make our 2006 Annual Conference a big success. Your presentation on how the coming age wave will impact the way we do business in the investment arena was quite impactful.”

  • Steven D. Hollenbeck, SVP Marketing
    CUSO Financial Services, L.P.

“This presentation has far-reaching impact. Maddy’s eloquence and humor certainly have left an impression that will remain with our delegates for a long time.”

  • Suzette Shaw, Director, Program Development
    Direct Marketing Association

“Ms. Dychtwald is a very dynamic speaker with exceptionally good presentation skills. Her multi-media presentation was action-packed and highly entertaining. It was obviously based on her sound knowledge and extensive research.”

  • Sally M. Natchek, CEBS, Director of R&D, Educational Programs
    Intl. Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

“Maddy’s presentation was excellent. I am sure it was very obvious how enthused the group was. She provided information that was needed, delivered in a superb fashion.”

  • Pam Chevraux, Director of Community Affairs
    Harris Methodist Health Services

“Maddy wowed them! We have seldom received such an overwhelming positive response for any speaker. She was terrific – informative and entertaining.”

  • Michael R. Argetsinger, Symposia Director
    Illinois Association of HMO’s

“Fantastic presentation! Your incorporation of key Age Wave / Harris Interactive survey data from January was well received, and the interaction you promoted with the audience drove your points home.”

  • Catherine Ruffing, Distribution Sales and Marketing Leader
    Genworth Financial

“The presentation before the Mayors’ Conference Thursday evening was simply stunning. I have seen many attendees of this group drift off into quiet chit chat when presentations fall short of the mark. This was not the case with Maddy’s talk. People were focused with the message. I cannot thank her enough for doing this for us. It will be a night to be remembered for a long time to come.”

  • Don Blubaugh, Executive Director
    Contra Costa Mayors Conference

“I was impressed with the amount of time and effort Maddy put into customizing her presentation and content for our audience of senior level human resource executives. In addition, her engaging presentation style was a nice balance to the agenda.”

  • Kathy Jacoby, Assistant Vice President
    MetLife Institutional Marketing

“Our participants loved your program. I especially appreciated your efforts in researching credit unions and tailoring your presentation to our needs. We noticed the extra efforts, and so did the audience.”

  • Darrell Bahr, Vice President, Communications & Education
    Missouri Credit Union System

“Maddy’s delivery was lively, informative and entertaining, and her remarks hit a bullseye…extremely relevant to our current marketing efforts. Excellent.”

  • Mary B. Petersen, JD, CLU, ChFC, Director, Marketing
    The Prudential Insurance Company

“Maddy was terrific! The material was on target, extremely relevant and timely, and of vital importance to our membership. She took the steps necessary to learn as much as possible about our audience and their needs. That’s the kind of effort that guarantees the unbelievably positive response we received.”

  • Douglas E. Raymond, President & CEO
    Retail Advertising & Marketing Association

“The response from our attendees was outstanding. As the dynamics of the market continue to change, Maddy’s presentation becomes even that much more timely.”

  • Jeffrey C. Goodrich, CFP, Vice-President, Marketing
    SunAmerica Marketing, Inc.

“Thank you so very much for being with us. Your research and presentation was excellent and the advisors loved hearing from you..”

  • Larry Roth, CEO
    AIG Advisor Group

“Your presentation was perfect! Your stories, insights and data painted a comprehensive picture of women and money in a very compelling way.“

  • Don Blandin, President/CEO, Investor Protection Trust

“Your wonderful presentation was timely, informative, entertaining and highly relevant to our audience!”

  • David R. Smith, Co-Founder, Financial Advisor Magazine