Influence: A New Era of Women, Money, and Financial Planning

A critical mass of women—bolstered by education, unprecedented levels of workforce participation, and escalating income and wealth—are assuming increasingly powerful roles in financial management. The financial services industry must recalibrate in order to court this influential client base.

Drawing on insights from her landmark book, Influence: How Women’s Soaring Economic Power Will Change Our World for the Better, and decades of proprietary Age Wave research, Maddy answers questions such as: What are the core values/characteristics defining women investors? How will greater longevity catalyze women to plan more effectively for retirement? How do new family interdependencies impact women and their approach to money? How can financial service professionals most effectively communicate with women?

Her presentation examines: The historic scope of women’s financial influence and their expanding monetary power; the five things that all men need to know about marketing to influential women; the key ways that women are transforming the workplace and leadership; and how they’re trying to use their increased clout to transform our world for the better.

(Note: This presentation can be customized for the financial services, healthcare, consumer products and retail industries.)